My name's Megan but a lot of people call me Tron. I answer to many embellished versions of my moniker that people choose to use: Tronny, Tron-a-thon, Mamatron. You get the point. Nicknames are fun, I think I have one for every phase of my life.

I became a mother on April 28, 2018. Right now this aspectof my identity is priority. However, I believe it's possible and necessary for me to continue writing, thinking, and collaborating in a focused and disciplined way. I aim to shape my shifting identiy into a form that uses parenthood as a well of abundance instead of viewing it as an energy sucking burden that eats time more voraciously than the very hungry caterpillar. I'm doing a creative-in-residency-in-motherhood that lasts until my daughter turns two.

I’m the author of The Struggle for Soy, a book that sheds light on race, gender, and identity from the perspective of being a Korean adoptee. I write to bring the less visible into view, I find the subtleties of life to be energizing and soul nourishing.

I created a power year in 2009 and guide people through the process of reinvention.  

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